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Rip’s Cleats™ are easy to use and can be put over many types of footwear.  They go where you go, ready to use on slippery or icy conditions.  You simply rotate our recreational cleats to the top of the foot when not in use and under the arch when they are needed.  Rip’s Cleats™ traction puts your feet on solid ground with no slippage.

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We offer a great selection of safety equipment.

Safety Equipment

Fall Protection Equipment & Systems, Gas Monitors, Fire Extinguishers, Signage, Cylinders (Pressurized), Wind Socks, Tag-out/Lock-out Kits

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First Aid Equipment

Eye Wash Stations & Supplies,Vehicle Emergency Kits, First Aid Kits & Supplies, Flashlights, Breathing Apparatus/Respiratory Equipment, Breathing Air

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Personal Protective Equipment

Eye Protection/Safety Glasses,Gloves, Ice Cleats, Hearing Protection, Safety Vests, Hard Hats, Winter Wear

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