Third Party Training
Provider Program

Update your course content today

This program is perfect for the small-medium safety training company that needs to update their course content, modernize the delivery platform, or simply expand their course offering to better serve the emerging needs of customers in your primary markets.

You can achieve Certified Instructor Status

The ASTEC SAFETY Third Party Training Provider program is designed for “experienced” training professionals who require certification is specific course content, enroute achieving Certified Instructor status for one, or more, ASTEC SAFETY courses.

Our Most Popular Courses

Our most popular course delivered across Canada by Third Party Certified Instructors is Ground Disturbance 201 (USP Endorsed formerly ABCGA).

Reasonably Priced Programs

The instructor certification program is reasonably priced at $1,200 per course (discounts apply to multiple instructors). The Instructor Certification Workshop generally takes one day to complete, often times via video conference, and the price includes the first evaluation audit conducted during the first five (5) courses delivered.

Innovative data Access

We offer an innovative data access platform that permits the Third Party Training partner to print and produce the manuals and calls for only $20 per student in course royalties payable to ASTEC SAFETY. This puts more financial margin and profit in the hands of the Third Party Training partner, to grow their business, while enjoying the support, profile, brand, and most of all endorsements associated with ASTEC SAFETY.

Instructor Dashboard Technology

With the release of our new Interactive Instructor Dashboard technology, further learner engagement tools will be available to all Third Party Training Partners, with additional cost savings to be shared between our partner organizations. If you want to be a leader in safety training, the Third Party Training Provider Program may be just what you need.

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