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With a team of expert resources, years of business & safety industry success, building on our keen knowledge of the markets we serve, Astec Leadership Development is well positioned to offer a range of professional consulting services closer to home, on your timeline, and sure to satisfy your budget. Our only purpose is to help you succeed!

We offer safety consulting for services for your business

Safety Program Consulting

Whether you need an update to your current safety program, an assessment of your plan’s effectiveness, or are ready to initiate the work to complete a safety plan on your way to securing your COR or SECOR, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make it happen.

Competency Testing & Assessment

With increasing workloads on leaders and managers within your business, the task of the mission critical Worker Competency Testing and Assessment may not be getting the attention or time it deserves. Astec Leadership Development can customize a Competency Matrix and/or execute the Competency Testing to ensure you team is operating at the target levels of performance and safety. We can take care of this the first time and pass it along as a proven process to your team, or we can be contracted on an on-going basis to get this off the desk of otherwise busy team members.

Business Management Consulting

As the “Boomers” age out of the workplace and many young leaders are emerging within companies, local government offices, and organizations throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, it is an opportune time to enlist the services of Astec Leadership Development management consulting. We can provide the proven experts to come alongside your team to clarify where you need to go, how best to get there and build overall team strength along the journey. Our professional management consulting services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Corporate Plan Development
  • Leadership Development Programs (New & Young Leaders)
  • Candidate Selection (Management & Key Leaders)
  • CEO Performance Evaluation and Performance Plan Development
  • Operational Assessments & Efficiency Audits
  • Corporate Financial Wellness & Management Reviews
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Corporate Policy Development & Reviews
  • Board Governance & Policy Reviews/Development
  • Merger and Acquisition Reviews, Strategy, & Meeting Facilitation
  • Business Application Software Implementations

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