Licensed Branch

Opportunities as a Licensed Branch

ASTEC SAFETY Inc. is committed to expanding our branch network of Owner-Operated Full Service and Training Only “LICENSED” locations across Canada. Today, we are building a foundation with our partners Provost Safety Solutions Ltd. o/a ASTEC SAFETY-Provost and PRIMCO Commercial Corp. o/a ASTEC SAFETY-Bonnyville.

Licensed Branches are available today

Licensed Branches, complete with exclusive protected market territories are available, today, in a model that will suit your needs. Choose from one of:

Full Service Branch

  • Equipment Sales
  • Service Shop (including mobile)
  • Rental Equipment
  • Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training

Service Shop (including mobile)

  • Equipment Sales
  • Service Shop
  • Rental Equipment & Mobile Services. (No training)

Call or email Jeff Mulligan, Chief Operating Officer, to see if this might be the opportunity you have been looking for to launch your new business. Open an ASTEC SAFETY branch and start generating revenue the day you open.

780-875-0331 EXT:1005

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