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We are all about collaboration, partnering and growing together with key business partners. If you are a dedicated safety professional, or interesting in starting or expanding your safety business, ASTEC SAFETY may be just the partner you are looking for.

Opportunities at Astec Safety

Online Course Reseller

We have opportunities to add products and profits to your company as an Online Course Reseller marketing our industry leading eLearning Safety Programs, directly through your sales team or website. Expand your relationships, broaden your business, and become part of the fastest growing area of safety training, today.

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Third Party Training Program

Are you a safety training provider today looking to offer additional programs to your growing customer/client base? ASTEC SAFETY’s Third Party Training Program will get your instructors certified to deliver any of our courses through your safety training business. We develop world class instructor led programs in a variety of subject areas that can broaden the value proposition for your customers in your marketplace.

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Licensed Branch Program

For the business person interested in owning the entire business operation, very similar to a “franchise” model, we have the perfect solution for us to come alongside your local team and build a flourishing business that promotes the ASTEC SAFETY brand. A Licensed Branch, where you own and operate an ASTEC SAFETY branch, while we provide the necessary support, systems, product access and branch network to ensure your success.

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