June 30, 2022

For the past 6 years, ASTEC SAFETY has executed a business strategy that has resulted in noteworthy success on a national stage, from right here in Lloydminster AB/SK. We now support training companies right across the country who have chosen to use our industry leading Instructor-Led courses in their markets, marvel at the breadth of learners accessing our trendsetting on-line industrial safety course content and interact with thousands of customers who count on ASTEC SAFETY for their safety equipment needs.

Yes, from our corporate office in Lloydminster with a licensed branch network, featuring local owners working right in the communities they serve, ASTEC SAFETY continues to focus on our customer’s safety needs and are positioned to compete worldwide.

Preparing for competition that requires world class performance, products and services will call out the very best in ASTEC SAFETY, which gave us cause to consider what dedication, commitment to excellence, expertise and team culture will propel us to the next level of business success. As we sought out other leaders and teams that were on the same journey, we quickly gravitated to the newly formed TEAM BOTTCHER CURLING group, as they look forward to competing with the best in the world for the next quadrennial, culminating with the 2026 Olympic Games.

We see many parallels in the work they are undertaking to achieve success, that we can

bring to ASTEC SAFETY and our customers. To grow our relationship with this world class group, we have formally committed to a partnership that will offer our support through the sponsorship of TEAM BOTTCHER CURLING, beginning with the 2022/2023 curling season. Together, we will put in place the disciplines and the training, while nurturing a winning CULTURE to be enjoyed by all.

“As we sought out other leaders and teams that were on the same journey, we quickly gravitated to the newly formed TEAM BOTTCHER CURLING group”…

TEAM BOTTCHER CURLING is comprised of National, World and Olympic Champion curlers; Brendan Bottcher, Marc Kennedy, Brett Gallant and Ben Hebert. ASTEC SAFETY, together with leading local Lloydminster area businesses will be investing in our youth with an annual curling clinic hosted by TEAM BOTTCHER, and similarly our economy, by boosting tourism with a potential World Curling Tour event in Lloydminster that will bring some of the best curlers in the world to our community, annually.

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Caitlin Mulligan

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