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OSSA Orientation
Fall Protection OSSA Certified
Elevated Work Platform OSSA Certified
Confined Space Entry/Monitor OSSA Certified 

OSSA Regional Orientation

Course length: 1 hour to be scheduled between 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm.
Course Fee: $55 ($57.75 with GST)

Please call one of our locations to schedule OSSA orientation training

This PowerPoint presentation prepares students for working in and around Oil sands projects in the Fort McMurray, Alberta region by identifying hazards; policies; and practices associated to these worksites.
Upon successful completion of this course students will receive an OSSA orientation certificate.

This course is certified by the Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA).

Fall Protection OSSA Certified

Course length: 8 hours
Course Fee: $200 ($210 with GST)

Group & Client Specific pricing available: email training@astecsafety.com or call ASTEC

Fall Protection course is Oil Sand Safety Association (OSSA) approved and includes: assessing hazards; fall protection, fall arrest and fall restraint systems; body harness types and uses; equipment inspection and maintenance; free fall, total fall, and clearance required distances; and applicable legislation and Industry Recommended Practices. Students will design a Fall Protection Plan, don a harness, and participate in a controlled weight transfer where they are lifted approx. 1 foot off the ground while wearing the harness.

This course is certified by OSSA and ASTEC Safety Inc. and valid for three years.

Elevated Work Platform OSSA Certified
Course Length: 8 Hours (1day)
Course Fee: $225 ($236.25 with GST)

Group & Client Specific pricing available: email
training@astecsafety.com or call ASTEC

The Elevated Work Platform course is accredited to the OSSA EWP2010 safety training standard.

Confined Space Entry/Monitor OSSA Certified

(Pre-Entry and Working in Confined Spaces)
Course length: 8 hours (1 day)
Course Fee: $165 ($173.25 with GST)

This course is designed for workers who are, will be, or may be required to work in or around confined spaces. Topics presented will include Regulations and Legislation relating to confined spaces; hazard assessments; use of supplied air and self-contained breathing apparatus; control of hazardous energy; paperwork requirements; and hazardous atmospheres. Students will have an opportunity to practice using breathing apparatus during the course. This course is approved by the Oil Sands Safety Association.

This course is certified by OSSA and ASTEC Safety Inc. and is valid for three years.

What's New

January 13, 2012
Our Confined Space Entry/Monitor course is accredited to the new CSE/M2010 standard.

January 3, 2012
Our Fall Protection (OSSA Certified) course is accredited to the new FP2010 standard. 

The following statement is posted on the Oil Sands Safety Association's website.
"On December 31, 2011 all OSSA Accredited Programs based on the old standards expire. Credentials may no longer be issued for the following standards: FP2006-11, FW2005-10, AWP2009-19, CSE2005-08 and CSM2005-10.  Note: Expiration of the training credentials themselves, remain as printed."

Sept. 19, 2011
Our "Basic Fire Fighting" online course is now available.  To go to our online training portal click here.  If you require basic fire training that requires practicing with a fire extinguisher please contact us to learn about our blended learning (online course + practical component) option.


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